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How To Use & Healthy Eating



A waist trainer is a garment worn around your upper abdomen. It’s similar to a corset, but has steel bones and is much sleeker. It changes your figure over time, tightening the waist and giving your body an hourglass shape.

How Do You Use It?

Measure yourself and pick a waist trainer size according to the size chart.

It’s a good idea to wear a thin piece of clothing, such as a tank top, underneath your waist trainer.

Wrap the waist trainer around your body with the wider side turned down towards your hips.

Start with the first hook, closing each clasp one at a time from the bottom up.

How Much Should You Wear It?

Start with 2 hours per day and gradually increase up to 8. After you’ve achieved your desired body shape, don’t stop wearing the weight trainer entirely. Instead gradually reduce to a few hours a week - otherwise, your body will revert back to normal.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

If you decide to wear a waist trainer you can look forward to various benefits, such as:

Instant change in appearance, taking inches off your waist and giving your body an hourglass shape

Reduces back pain and improves posture by providing support

Makes workouts more effective by tightening your core, especially suitable for aerobic exercises

Shapes your body over time

Reduces your appetite because it keeps your stomach area tight

Helpful Tips

Wear a tank top underneath because of the sweating. This way, the waist trainer won’t have to be cleaned as frequently, and you’ll also avoid acne on your skin.


You’ll feel some pressure while wearing a waist trainer, and that’s perfectly normal. However, if you feel any pain you probably need to adjust it or get a different size.


While it may seem more convenient to wear a waist trainer when you go to sleep instead of walking around with it during the day, this is strongly discouraged as it could pose a safety hazard.


Healthy Eating


While waist trainers will instantly make your figure look more appealing, healthy diet habits can help you achieve both short-term and long-term results. And because the pressure on your stomach from the waist trainer will cause your appetite to decrease, it’s especially important that the food you take in is healthy and rich in nutrients.

Small Meals

Instead of one or three meals you usually have throughout the day, eat 5-6 times a day in smaller amounts. This way you won’t feel as bloated and uncomfortable after a meal if you’ve got your waist trainer on.

Balanced Diet

Eating less doesn’t help much if your body isn’t getting the energy and nutrients it needs. Making a list of light but healthy foods you can incorporate into your meals is an absolute must.

Clean Eating

Clean eating, or avoiding refined and processed foods is one of the best diet changes you can make. Stick with whole, natural and fresh foods which nurture your body and make it stronger.

Regular Hydration

Apart from a balanced diet, make sure you’re consuming plenty of water. Follow the 6 - 8 glasses of water a day rule rather than waiting to feel thirsty. The waist trainer can cause you to perspire more than usual, so be mindful of hydration.

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