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100% Latex Black Belly Buster
$39.95 $66.58
Our black latex belly buster will help you torch the unwanted love handles and anything else that's hanging about with ease.Get results quicker with our products. Increase body temp. Boost thermal activity Support your core Support your back
25 Bone Nude Trainer
$39.95 $66.58
Built with 25 bones this waist trainer is designed for maximum support and comfort. You'll have extra posture and abdomen support while achieving waist training results! Extra Support  25 Bone construction Fast Results
4 Steel Boned Black Latex Waist Trainer
$39.95 $66.58
Made from latex with a cotton lining, this waist trainer is both comfortable and efficient. Immediately after putting it on it takes a few inches off your waistline, and the slimming effect increases the more you wear it. It's great for cardio and light exercises and conveniently stimulates perspiration in...
4 Steel Boned Nude Latex Waist Trainer
This waist trainer was created with great attention to detail, featuring three hook rows and four steel bones. It’s great if you want to work on your posture, and has an instant slimming effect. The nude color and elegant design make it great for showing off or wearing under clothes....
9 Boned Black Latex Waist Trainer With Floral Sides
If you’re looking for a waist trainer that’s both effective and beautifully designed, this is it! It sports a red floral lace on each side of the latex core, three hook rows and cotton lining for extra comfort. It can be worn seamlessly under your clothes to the gym or...
9 Steel Boned Pink Vest Latex Waist Trainer
This waist trainer is an excellent choice if you're looking for back support as well as waistline definition. The pink color and subtle design will bring out your femininity and instantly make your waistline smaller, with the effect increasing over time. Work on fixing your posture and your waistline at...
9 Steel Boned Purple Latex Waist Trainer
The latex core of this waist trainer and nine steel bones make it possible to tighten, tone and flatten your stomach instantly, with an increasing effect over time. The design is very sleek, perfect for those who like the purple-black combination. It’s thin enough to wear under your clothes for...
Abdomen Control Slimming Suit
Abdomen Control Slimming SuitSpecifications Size M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Category Butt Lifters Upload Date 2017-12-28 Detail This Abdomen Control Slimming Suit moves with your body while maintain the control you need – no squeezing or discomfort. It is absolutely good to boast a natural booty shape! You can feel...
Alluring Polka Dot Yoga Pants
Nothing beats a classic polka dot design when it comes to standing out! This trendy style is sure to give you a boost of confidence, while the slimming fabric will straighten out any imperfections. Highly flexible and comfortable, these leggings are perfect for light to moderate intensity exercises. Features: Polka...
Black 25 Bone Waist Trainer
Built with 25 bones this waist trainer is designed for maximum support and comfort. You'll have extra posture and abdomen support while achieving waist training results! Extra Support  25 Bone construction Fast Results
Black Cellulite Burner
Say bye to cellulite with the assistance of our cellulite burning waist trainer. Designed to torch the tummy & core you will get results with the assistance our reliable cellulite burner. Increase perspiration Smash toxins Support Core Support back
Black Color Block Yoga Leggings
These wide waistband leggings have a slimming effect on your legs and belly, while a special seam running through the center makes your bottom look rounder. Add that to a soft, comfortable material and you can be your absolute best without worrying about your appearance! Features: Color block stripe with...
Black Cross Strap Sports Bra
This empowering sports bra is built for comfort and style. Made from a smooth elastic material, it's stretchy, soft to the touch and wicks away moisture. Wear it with cuff pads for more support, or remove them if you want more of a flexible feel. The design is a combination...
Black Keyhole Halter Neck Sports Bra
If you want to feel confident and comfy while working out, you're bound to love this trendy piece of active wear. This sports bra will make you feel at ease with its soft removable cuff pads, and no uncomfortable wires to hold you down. It comes in black and sports...
Black Mesh Sports Bra
This sports bra with a crop-top design has the best of both to offer. You're bound to love the spliced mesh front with a crew neck, which gives you an edgy look that inspires confidence. This bra was also built for comfort, with a soft, comfortable fabric and there is...
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